CEO's introduction

BeeOne does it better!

How do we make a difference in the world of mass-market telephony? We offer the same services and yet...

Let's be clear, if you are a consumer or distributor of telephony services, you don't need BeeOne today to fill a niche! Enough players in the telephony market offer perfectly good substitutes.
And yet BeeOne is your best choice. Here's why!

We have passed the first threshold of 100 million of retail telephony minutes after 6 years of activity! Too slow, some would say. Well done, say our shareholders! Independent and self-financed, we make appropriate and objective choices without announcement effect! A great token of security for you!

With BeeOne, you forge lasting links with a reliable partner who measures his success by the added value he brings you!
In 2006, we created over 2 million Euros of added value for our distributors.

BeeOne is a great team driven by the passion to connect men and women all over the world. No frontier resists our cutting-edge technologies! Today 50,000 people use our services daily to connect to their loved ones throughout the world.

Innovative and simple in our concepts, we were the first to launch a prepaid telephone card to also place calls from the Internet! Technology makes sense only if it offers consumers a real benefit.

Made to rigorous standards, our products are the living example of Swiss quality! BeeOne service is first and foremost a skill - first mastered, then commercialised!

Easily accessible and transparent in our relations with partners and clients, you will find that working with BeeOne means connecting with a highly talented team dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

That's why, in a crowded telephony market, in a world full of substitutes, BeeOne is the preferred choice of European distributors today.

Good is not good enough! We want to improve on what others do well - that makes us truly different!

Your confidence in BeeOne is earned over time, let us prove it to you every day...

José Luis Herrero
Co-Founder & CEO