“Since 2000, we decided to be supplied in prepaid calling cards through BeeOne Communications S.A. because they offer the exact portfolio of services, our customers are looking for. We were seeking the right prepaid calling cards specialist for a long term partnership in providing our clients the services they needed in one hand and for margin and revenue objectives in the other. We were right: BeeOne Communications is n°1 in our shops! BeeOne Communications S.A. is efficient and reliable.In deed thanks to BeeOne Communications et and their commitment we have been provided by an excellent service. BeeOne Communications values and personal touch is what makes its success. And is always a pleasure to deal with BeeOne Communications team!”.


Jean-Christophe Faré

Naville Service director

Naville Switzerland (Lagardère Group)


"Following the liberalisation of the Swiss fixed network telephony market BeeOne was one of the first providers Valora chose to work with.
Since then this collaboration has developed into a partnership which for over ten years has been based on trust, respect and professionalism.
BeeOne knew how to adapt and develop its products to changes in the market. BeeOne has also
made a major contribution to shaping the fixed network telephony market due to its exceptional sense of innovation.
The BeeOne platform stands out through its cutting edge technology and high degree of user-friendliness. Valora sells BeeOne products at all its own kiosks and
convenience stores, and also offers them as a wholesaler to Valora’s retail customers."  


Claudio Tozzini

Vice President

Sales Promotions & Services

Valora AG 


"As a public institution, the Swiss Post has high standards\nlevels of selection for its suppliers such as: transparency, quality of the service, reputation, reliability. BeeOne Communications S.A. reaches our standards in every way! Working with BeeOne Communications S.A. since 2004 has been a great pleasure and a great satisfaction for our customers. Trust, security, innovation and quality of the service are the keys factors of success that makes BeeOne Communications S.A. a trustworthy prepaid calling card service in our 2000 shops. Last but not least, BeeOne Communications S.A. helped us contribute to a smooth transition from physical prepaid calling cards to etickets."


Corinne Blatter

Product Manager Fixnet & cards

Die Schweizerische Post (Swiss Post)